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The Sustainable Power of Persil Packaging

It’s in everyone’s interest to protect the environment, and at Persil we’re doing whatever we can to look after the planet. Here’s a look at some of our sustainability initiatives.


Recyclable packaging and greener factories

Our factories send zero non-hazardous waste to landfill; everything that can be recycled is recycled. We’ve substantially reduced our energy consumption, water consumption, and CO2 emissions per ton of production since 2011, and we’re striving to reduce them further.

We want to make Persil packaging as recyclable as possible, and we’re already well on our way there. We’re prepared to make environmental cleaning changes when we see there’s something we could be doing better. Our capsules used to come in pouches (which can be recycled at supermarkets), but we decided to replace them with widely recyclable plastic tubs. Keep an eye out for these on your next trip to the supermarket.

Our bottles are already widely recyclable and while our dosing balls currently aren’t, we’re working on a plan to reduce the impact of this to meet our sustainability goals. We’re also investigating opportunities to use only recycled (PCR) plastics in our bottles to make them completely recycled and completely recyclable. If you’d like to do some bottle recycling of your own at home, check out our ideas for plastic recycling projects .

Our powder, of course, comes in cardboard packaging, which is already widely recyclable.


Environmental cleaning: greener practices through more effective products

In all our products, from biological washing powder to non-bio capsules, environmental impact is taken into account. We want to create the best cleaning products we can, so you can get great results with small amounts at low temperatures, using less material and energy per wash.

Since 2008, we’ve made changes to our powder and liquid formulas to concentrated versions that have allowed us to reduce our recommended dose per wash by 25%, meaning you’ll use less product and we’ll use less fuel and packaging getting it to you.

You won’t usually need a prewash when you’re using Persil detergent, unless your clothes are very soiled, so you can save water by going straight to the main event. You’ll also find our products are still effective on full washing machine loads, which is good news environmentally; larger loads mean fewer washes overall, which will save water and energy. Our sustainable laundry advice will give you more ideas for environmental cleaning.

For more information on what Persil and other Unilever brands are doing to help the environment, take a look at Unilever’s commitments for a waste-free world and the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan .


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