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Young child playing in the snow

How To Make A Bird Feeder From A Carton

Turn a carton into a homemade bird feeder and see how many birds come to visit.

It’s easy to create your own bird feeding station. All you need are some clean milk or juice cartons. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. On the side of the carton, about a quarter of the way up, draw a door shape large enough for a small bird to fit through, then cut it out.

  2. To make the perch, pierce a hole below the door opening (with scissors or a craft knife) and another at the same height on the opposite side of the carton to feed a pencil or stick through.

  3. The birds can then balance on the perch as they nibble on the birdseed. Make the roof by piercing three holes into the top of the carton.To hang your bird feeder, thread some string though the holes in the roof and tie in a loop.

  4. Then decorate the bird feeder any way you like.

  5. Finally, fill the bottom of the carton with birdseed and hang it wherever birds can access it.