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Mother and daughter putting laundry in a washing machine


Looking for the best laundry detergent for you and your family? Explore Persil’s range of Laundry detergents, Capsules, and Powders!

three ultimate capsules boxes with persil splat logo behind
NEW Persil Ultimate Capsules
Persil wonder wash packshot line up
NEW Persil Wonder Wash
Persil Liquid Bio Bottle
Liquid Detergent
Three Persil capsules boxes against persil logo splat
Persil 3 in 1 Capsules
Three Persil Powder boxes against persil splat logo
Washing Powder
ultimate liquids
Ultimate Liquids
Three Persil bio products against persil splat logo
1st Time Stain Removal
Bundle of Persil sensive skin products
Sensitive Skin
Bundle of Persil colour protect products
Colour Care
Persil silk and wool
Delicate Wash
Persil Non-Bio Tablets
Washing Tablets