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Washing capsules

Washing Capsule Safety Tips

Washing capsules contain concentrated liquid detergent that is pre-measured to the correct dosage to give brilliant stain removal, care for your clothes and freshness in only one dose!

Like any other laundry product, their ease of use comes with some essential tips for you to remember. Therefore, we’ve compiled top tips to ensure you get the best laundry experience. For further safety information, see Keep Caps from Kids.  

  1. Dry your hands –Touching washing capsules with wet hands may cause the protective film around the capsules to dissolve and stick them together.  

  2. Familiarise yourself with the safety information and icons on your capsule pack: 

  3. Do not separate washing capsules that are stuck together – Separating washing capsules that are stuck together may cause the protective film to burst and the liquid detergent inside to exit at speed. If you encounter two washing capsules that are stuck together, you can use these for a heavier and/or heavily soiled wash load.

  4. Close your pack and washing machine straight away – This stops unwanted moisture getting inside the pack, as well as stopping children being able to take a washing capsule from the pack when you’re not looking.   Children can also take the capsule out of the washing machine if you’re not paying attention. Therefore, it’s also important to shut the washing machine door immediately after you place your washing capsule inside, even if you need to step away for a short moment.   

  5. Store your washing capsules safely– Make sure you store your pack in a safe space away from children, ensure this is somewhere high and out of their reach.   Alongside this, remember to make sure your washing capsules are stored away from moisture in a cool and dry place. Extreme temperature fluctuations could potentially cause the capsules to dissolve inside the pack and stick together. Keeping your capsules cool and away from moisture will ensure that this does not happen.  

Don’t forget: 

To get the best laundry experience, ensure you dry your hands, read the safety information and icons on your pack, do not separate washing capsules that are stuck together, close your pack and washing machine, store your washing capsules safely, and be extra cautious when children and pets are in the house. Whatever you’re washing, just make sure you’re doing it safely. Our washing capsules will do the rest! 

In case you have any more questions, please contact the Consumer Careline at 0800776644 (UK) or 1850445555 (ROI).