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An image of a washing machine removing mud stains from white fabric clothing. Text on the image states ‘By washing at 30 degrees, you can save up to 60% energy* and help reduce your household bills. The asterisk says, from 60⁰C cotton cycle to 30⁰C eco.

The Benefits of a Cold Wash

Did you know that Persil Liquid removes tough stains first time, even in a quick or cold wash? Discover the benefits of washing your clothes at lower temperatures with this simple guide

Often, different people will tell you different things about doing the laundry – until something that should be simple begins to appear horribly complicated. One of the main things which can get complicated is what temperature to wash clothes, it can seem there are so many factors to consider, and different opinions around. At Persil, we want to ma...Read more

Our Route to A Cleaner Future

Discover how we're working towards a more sustainable future

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Production, packaging and ingredients. We’re putting them all to the test.

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Sometimes the best ideas come from letting ourselves make a little mess.

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We’re being kinder to the planet, but we never compromise on being tough on stains.

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