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How to make bubble mixture – and blow amazing bubbles

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Our Persil guide will show you how to make bubble wands and whip up a brilliant bubble mixture using a couple of everyday items.

Simple and relaxing, bubble-blowing is the perfect low-key family activity. It’s surprisingly easy to set up, too. In just a few minutes and using a couple of everyday items, you can whip up a brilliant bubble mixture and even make your own bubble wands. Then your little ones can blow amazing bubbles that will mesmerise the whole family for hours. So, are you ready to learn how to make bubbles? Let’s begin …

How to make bubble mixture for kids

Bubble mixture is incredibly easy (and fun) to make. All you need is: 

  • 950ml water

  • 30ml washing-up liquid

  • 20ml corn syrup – or glycerin, if you can get it

Top tip: If you want to know how to make bubble water for kids like a pro, glycerin is the secret: it thickens the mixture and makes the bubbles last longer.

How to make bubble wands at home

  • For giant bubbles:

    Take a wire coat hanger and bend it to create a smooth, round loop. Then take string and wind it around the edges of the loop you’ve created. Before giving the bubble wand to your child to play with, make sure any sharp edges are covered with tape or ribbon.

  • For smaller bubbles:

    Bend and shape a pipe cleaner to create a simple loop shape. In a pinch, a straw can also do the trick.

How to make bubbles for kids

Now that you know how to make bubble mixture and your wands are finished, you’re almost ready to blow some epic bubbles – almost. The conditions have to be right:

  • Before you try blowing bubbles outdoors, make sure it’s a nice, calm day.

     Wind will cruelly puncture the mixture on the wand before your little ones can even figure out how to blow bubbles. 

  • Check that the mixture and your wands are completely clean.

     Specks of dirt can weigh down and puncture your bubbles. 

  • Make room.

    Remove or step away from any obstacles that might puncture your bubbles, whether that be pots and pans or misplaced rose bushes. Bubbles love space. 

Ready? Here’s how to make bubbles:

  • Wave your wand in the bubble mixture and check that a film of mixture has formed across it. 

  • If you’re using a small wand, gentle blow through the loop on the end to create a bubble. 

  • If you’re using a large wand, gently sweep it in an upwards motion to form a bubble. It may take a bit of practice to create bubbles that float off the wand without bursting, but it’s worth it. 

  • Once you’ve mastered the art of blowing bubbles, you can try your hand at other bubble tricks, such as blowing a bubble within a bubble, or playing bubble tennis with two wands. 

Voila! Now you know how to make amazing bubbles with your kids in no time at all. So the next time the weather’s calm on a lazy Sunday afternoon, why not give it a try?