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How to Make Paper Mache Dinosaurs – Step-by-Step

Is your little one mad about dinosaurs? Find out how to make a paper mache dinosaur with our step-by-step guide, including top tips for cleaning up after!

Is it a T-Rex? A Triceratops? Or a Diplodocus? With imagination and this easy guide, you could make your favourite dinosaur!

This is the perfect kids craft every dino-loving kid will enjoy making on a rainy day.

You'll need:

  • Newspaper

  • White glue

  • A basin

  • A cereal bowl

  • Water

  • Balloon

  • Two toilet rolls

  • Thick cardboard

  • Masking tape

  • Paint

  • A paintbrush

  • Googly eyes

Always get an adult to supervise when you’re cutting and for younger kids, adults should do the cutting activities themselves.

To make:

  1. Blow up the balloon (body), but don’t overinflate it.

  2. In a bowl, make paper mache by mixing glue with water then rip the paper into inch-thick strips.

  3. Dip into glue, layer over the balloon and place on a cereal bowl to dry overnight.

  4. When dry, pop the balloon, leaving just the hollow shell.

  5. Next, cut out a comb-shaped piece of cardboard, attach it to one end of the body and layer it with paper mache. Leave it to dry.

  6. Cut the two toilet rolls in half width-wise for the legs. Tape in place with masking tape before you paper mache them to the model. Leave to dry.

  7. Cut out a cardboard tail and three front horns. Paper mache these to the model and leave it to dry.

  8. Finally, paint your stomping dinosaur, add googly eyes and have fun playing.