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How To Make A Paper Mache Piggy Bank

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Fun and super easy to make, a paper mache piggy bank is a fabulous addition to your kid’s room. Find out how to make a piggy bank from paper mache here.

Recycle, save and have fun with this great kids craft project. Making a paper mache piggy bank is easy and with its bright colours and patterns, they’ll look awesome in kids’ rooms. It teaches kids how to save too.


  • Balloon

  • Lots of newspaper or tissue paper

  • PVA glue

  • Poster paints

  • Egg cartons

  • Thick art brushes

  • Loads of imagination


  1. Blow up your balloon to the size you want

  2. Tear paper into 2cm x 10cm strips, stick onto balloon by mixing glue and water (half and half). Rest balloon on a mug while working

  3. After 3-4 layers, place balloon in warm area to dry and harden. This will be the body of your pig

  4. Add legs and a nose by cutting out individual egg holders from an egg carton and glue them onto the body

  5. Attach a curled piece of pipe cleaner for a tail

  6. Paint and decorate your papier-mâché animal as you like. Once dry, coat with a thick layer of glue and leave to harden into a varnish like finish. Have an adult cut a money slot at the top

You’re ready to save!