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cress growing in eggshells

Growing Seeds with Children: Cress Heads

Get creative – plant some cress and watch it grow in only 10 days.

Growing your own food is fun and delicious. Cress heads is an easy way to grow plants and get creative with an indoor herb garden. It’s also the fastest growing herb that will be ready to enjoy in just 10 days! So, let’s get started: on your very own kids garden

  1. Decorate empty yoghurt pots or egg shells (the head) using paints. You could paint a funny face on the eggshell or yoghurt pot, so that when the cress grows, it looks like silly green hair.

  2. Once your faces are ready, wet some kitchen roll and place it in the bottom of your head (then wet some cotton wool and place on top of the kitchen roll. Leave a 3 cm gap between the cotton wool and the top of the eggshell or pot.

  3. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cress seeds (you can buy these from a garden centre) onto the wet cotton wool and press them down gently with your finger.

  4. Place the cress heads in a warm, light place, like on the windowsill, and wait for your seeds to grown into tiny, delicious bushes of cress!

  5. Remember to spray the seeds with a little water every day, to ensure that the cotton wool stays moist.

  6. Once your cress has grown to about 10 cm, chop the cress and add it to a sandwich for lunch. Yum!