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children playing in a meadow

How To Play The Kho Kho Game

Kho Kho is a traditional Indian game that will give your kids stamina and encourages teamwork. Click here for the Kho Kho game rules and background!

With so many modern distractions, there’s nothing like good old fashioned fun games for kids. We’ve found inspiration in an old classic - Kho Kho. It’s a traditional Indian game that encourages teamwork and will have you and your friends running around outside for ages.


  • An open space, about 27 metres by 15 metres

  • Two poles

  • String or chalk...

  • And a whole lot of energy!


  • Mark the playing area with the chalk or string. Draw a line down the middle
 of the field and place the poles at each end of the dividing line.

  • Divide yourselves into two equal teams (12 is ideal but not less than six). One team are the chasers and other, the defenders. Don’t worry, you’ll get to swap around often.

  • The chasing team lines up on the middle line, facing in alternate directions. 
You can only ‘chase’ on the side of the pitch you’re facing.

  • The defenders enter the field in groups of three. Defenders need to avoid being tagged by a chaser and can run anywhere on the field. If you get tagged, you’re out.

  • The chaser at the pole starts and must try to tag one of the defenders on their side of the field. If a defender crosses the line to the other side, the chaser taps one of his teammates who is sitting facing the other direction and shouts “Kho!”.

  • The teammate must then try to tag the defender.

  • Chasers can swap with a teammate every time the defender moves into the opposite side of the pitch.

  • Chasers, your aim is to tag all the defenders quickly.

  • The team that gets the defenders out the quickest, wins.