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Plastic bottle tranformed into an outdoor bug hotel filled with leaves

How To Make A Bug Hotel

Learn how to make a garden home for your bug buddies…

With a little help from the great outdoors, let's make a home for a few of nature's finest – bugs!

How to make a bug hotel

  • Grab these materials…
  • Empty, clear  bottle
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Old tights 
  • Foam sheets
  • Glue
  • Leaves, pebbles, sticks, moss


Start by…

Giving your empty bottle a scrub removing the label. Then rinse thoroughly. With the help of an adult, cut a rectangle shape out of one side. 

Person cutting our a rectangle from a plastic bottle

Next you…

Make a bug oasis! Gently place your pebbles making a base and add the rest of your leaves, sticks and so on.

Person placing leaves and sticks inside a plastic bottle


 Carefully cut out a piece from the tights. You'll need a square big enough to cover the open rectangle in your bottle. Sticky tape the stocking piece around the edges of your cut out section of the bottle. 

Someone cutting out a square from a pair of tights
Person sticking a section of a pair of tights over a cut out plastic bottle to make a bug hotel

After that..

Cut a foam rectangle that's bigger than the hole in the bottle. Then cut out a smaller rectangle from that piece of foam to make a frame. 

Person cutting a frame out of a piece of foam paper


Take the foam frame and glue it over the edges of your piece of tights. Remove the lid of the bottle and put it outdoors somewhere bugs would go. Come back the next day to see who's come to stay! 

Person adding superglue onto the back of a foam paper frame
Person putting a foam paper frame around a section of their bug hotel bottle


Make a bug spotting book and visit your bug hotel each day to see which new visitors have checked in. Your kids will love it.

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