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Craft with a bottle filled with a mini ocean to create an ocean bottle

How To Make An Ocean In A Bottle

Find a use for an old bottle by creating this cool ocean in a bottle…

Make waves with this mesmerising mini seascape by recycling an old bottle!


How To Make Ocean In A Bottle

Grab these materials…

  • A clean transparent bottle with lid
  • Blue food colouring
  • Funnel
  • Vegetable oil or baby oil
  • Small floating sea creatures


Start by…

Taking the lid off of your bottle and filling your bottle up half way with cold water.

Child filling a glass bottle with cold water from a measuring jug

Next you…

Add some of the blue food colouring to give it that ocean colour. Be careful not to add too much as you don't want to make the water too dark.

Child adding blue food colouring to a glass bottle of water


Fit your funnel into the bottle neck and carefully fill up the rest of your bottle using the oil. Here's the cool bit: the oil won't mix with the water and instead, will rest on top of it! 

Child using a funnel to add oil into a glass bottle partially full of blue water

After that..

Now for the (extra) fun part: start to add your sea creatures. Whether they're mermaids, stars for starfish or whatever else you can find. They should come up to the surface and sit on the oil.

Child adding plastic sea creatures into their ocean bottle craft

Almost there…

Put your lid back on and make sure it's super secure, then give your bottle a good shake.

Child holding an ocean bottle craft


Oil and water don't mix and that's how you can keep your sea creatures afloat. Seeing how the elements react to each other is a great opportunity to share some sciencey wisdom.

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