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Someone pouring washing liquid into a bottle cap, positioned on top of a washing machine.

Colour Protect

Laundry detergent that’s tough on stains doesn’t have to be tough on colour too. Persil’s Colour Protect range is designed to tackle stains while maintaining colours that are bright and vibrant. Find out how our colour detergent works and transform your colour wash with Persil.

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Get the best out of your colour wash

Not sure of the benefits of using a colour detergent? Persil Colour Protect helps preserve colour brightness and reduce premature fading. That means your reds, blues, and greens look bolder for longer. Explore our colour washing articles and tips for more information.

One of the biggest problems with colour washing is colour run. Check if your clothes’ dye will stand up to the washing machine by doing a colourfastness test. If your clothes are colourfast then that means the dye won’t run in the wash and they’re safe to pop in the machine. Double-up with Persil colour-protect. 

While a colourfastness test will help you check the strength of the dye on your clothes, there are still occasions when laundry mishaps can strike and colours can bleed in the wash. Reduce the impact of this by separating your clothes before washing them – make three piles: whites, darks, and colours.

Like all our detergents, you can get Persil Colour Protect in many formats. If you want convenience above everything else with your colour care detergent then opt for our  Persil colour care capsules. If value or versatility are more important, choose a powder, tablet or liquid colour detergent. You can even use these to pre-treat extra difficult stains.

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