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Persil Silk and Wool

Persil Silk and Wool


We know it can be daunting to wash delicate clothes like cosy woollen jumpers, lingerie or beautiful silks. With Persil Silk & Wool Washing Liquid, you can rest assured that your clothes will be safe from damage and beautifully clean, wash after wash. Ideal for delicate cleaning and gentle stain removal, this dermatologically tested laundry detergent cares for your silks and is gentle next to sensitive skin as it contains no bleach or enzymes. Safe for coloured clothes, our non bio washing liquid also renews the softness of your delicate garments. What’s more, our bottle, cap and dosing device are recyclable*.


  • Persil Silk & Wool Washing Liquid is specially formulated to gently clean and care for delicate fabrics
  • Our laundry detergent provides gentle stain removal for delicates such as silk, wool and lingerie
  • This liquid detergent is dermatologically tested and designed to be gentle next to your skin as it contains no bleach or enzymes
  • Persil Silk & Wool is suitable for hand and machine washing and is effective at low temperatures

*Excluding sleeve

How to use

Persil Silk & Wool is suitable for both hand and machine washing; you can wash your delicates by hand in a basin, tub, sink or using the handwash cycle on your washing machine. If handwashing, we recommend using 30 ml per 10 litres of water, making sure the washing liquid dissolves completely and the clothes are rinsed thoroughly.


  • 14W