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Persil Non-Bio Triotub Capsules 15 wash

Persil Non Bio 3in1 Washing Capsules

Non-Biological Detergent capsules tough on stain removal and kind next to skin

About the product

Persil 3in1 Non Bio Capsules remove stains, whilst remaining gentle next to sensitive skin and are recognised by the British Skin Foundation. The all in one washing capsules help save time for busy modern lives, giving clothes the deep clean and superior fabric care they need. Persil 3in1 Non Bio Capsules are created to give you stain removal and expert clothing care in one convenient pre-measured dose - dissolving fast to get to work quickly. With improved resealable and 100% recyclable packaging, Persil 3in1 Non Bio washing capsules are designed with the whole family in mind. Voted Winner of Product of The Year 2019 (Laundry Detergent Category) - Survey of 10,399 people by Kantar TNS.

Key benefits

• Persil 3in1 Non Bio capsules - tough on stains, but kind next to skin.
• 3in1 capsules freshens and takes care of clothes while tackling stains.
• The gentle Non Bio formula is perfect next to sensitive skin.
• Twice the cleaning power per drop.
• Recognised by the British Skin Foundation.
• With improved resealable and 100% recyclable packaging

It’s A Tricky Tub – Here’s Why:

Children are curious. We know how much they love to play, and a colourful tub can easily be mistaken as a toy. That’s why, we’ve made sure our Persil 3in1 capsule tub has a reinforced child-lock, making it a bit tricky to open. Follow these steps to easily open and relock your tub.

How to:

  1. Gently press the middle tab inwards.
  2. Listen for a click and push up.
  3. Then gently press the corner tabs inward.
  4. Listen for click and push up.
  5. Using your index fingers, lift the lid from both sides.
  6. Once open, remove your capsule.
  7. Close the lid and add pressure until you hear a click.
  8. Ensure tabs have locked into place.
  9. Keep your tub in a hard to reach place away from children.
  10. Finally, when you’re out of capsules don’t forget to recycle your tub. 

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