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A washing powder tablet.

Washing Tablets

Laundry is as quick and easy as it gets with Persil washing tablets. There’s no need for scoops or spills – simply open up the packet and pop the washing machine tablets straight into the machine for great results every time. Here you’ll find our full range of Persil tablets to choose from.

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Persil washing tablets come in bio and non-bio, so make sure you know which Persil tablets suit your laundry needs best. Bio contains enzymes, which remove even the toughest stains at cool temperatures. The non-bio variety doesn’t have these enzymes, so is ideal for sensitive skin, while the Persil colour tablets are designed to tackle stains while keeping colours vibrant.

There’s no more scoops, dosing devices or mess with Persil washing tablets. The advanced concentrated formula means that two small Persil tablets are enough for sparkling results. Pop the washing tablets either into the detergent drawer, or straight into the drum inside a mesh bag. Load in the laundry and start the wash cycle as usual.

Persil washing tablets are super tough on stains but for an extra stain removal boost why not pre-treat the stain before it goes in the wash? Simply pour a little Persil liquid detergent directly onto the stain and rub with the Stain Eraser Ball or make a paste out of Persil washing powder and water and apply directly to the stain. Then follow-up with Persil tablets.

Washing tablets are a great compromise if you like the value of washing powder but the convenience of capsules. Not sure which type of laundry detergent is right for you? Browse our products or take a look at our articles on how to use different detergents to find out. 

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