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How to Use a Free Persil Washing Powder Scoop or Dosing Ball

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Not sure how much washing powder or liquid to use? Don't worry - you just need the free Persil washing powder scoop and dosing ball. Click to learn more.

There's nothing more annoying than putting on a load of washing only to have the clothes come out with a soapy residue because you've accidentally used too much washing powder or to have them come out still dirty because you used too little. But how do we know how much washing powder to use to avoid these issues? 

The solution is simple: a handy Persil dosing device that ensures we use the right amount of detergent each and every time we wash our clothes.  

How Big is the Persil Dosing Ball?

The Persil ball measures 35ml, which is the perfect amount for adding to your washing machine. You shouldn’t need to add any extra detergent to achieve great results as the powerful strength of Persil detergentsis designed to tackle even the toughest of stains and leave your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh after just one wash. Check the instructions on the back of pack to learn about dosing options for very heavily soiled clothes if you think your laundry needs an extra boost.

Can I Put the Persil Ball in the Washing Machine?

Of course! Persil designed the dosing ball to be used in the washing machine and to double as a handy measuring cup.

To use in the washing machine, fill the Persil ball to the indicated level and pop it on top of your clothes. Place it towards the back of the machine to help ensure the detergent is evenly distributed as the drum begins to spin.  

What Size is the Persil Washing Powder Scoop?

The Persil scoop quickly and easily measures 110ml of Persil’s powdered detergents, which is the perfect amount for washing a standard load of laundry. If your clothes are heavily soiled, you can also use the scoop to measure additional detergent – recommended at an extra 100ml if you’re using your washing machine’s pre-wash setting, or 210ml if your clothing requires a more intense clean.

It’s best not to add more than two full scoops of powdered detergent to a wash as this could leave a soapy residue on your clothes or block your machine’s filters.  

How Do I Use the Persil Powder Scoop?

The Persil scoop is a useful laundry powder scoop that is designed to make sure you use the optimal dosage for each and every load of laundry you do. Once you’ve measured one full scoop of detergent (or more if your clothes are heavily soiled), you simply pour the powder from the handy measuring device into the correct compartment in the drawer of your washing machine.

If you’re unsure of which compartment to add powdered detergent too, don’t panic! The two larger compartments are for detergent - one may be marked ‘(I)’ which is for pre-wash detergent (use 100ml of powdered detergent) and one may be marked ‘(II)’ which is for main wash detergent (use between 200ml and 300ml depending on dirt level). Just follow the directions on the label of your washing powder for the best results.  

Do the Dosing Devices Work for Hand Washing?

Absolutely! Both the Persil washing powder scoop for powdered detergents and the Persil dosing ball for liquid detergents can be used to measure just the right amount of detergent to use if you’d prefer to hand wash your clothes - a great alternative to machine washing for very delicate fabrics or heirloom garments.

Not sure how to use Persil powder for handwashing? Measure 85ml of detergent per 10 litres of water (roughly about one bowlful) and wear gloves while agitating the water to ensure the detergent is fully disolved. Submerge your clothes and gently rub fabrics together to tackle stains if needed. Rinse in cool water at the end to get rid of any detergent residue.

If you’re using a liquid detergent, measure 17ml of detergent per 5 litres of water  (or 34-35ml per bowl of water) using the dosing ball and handwash your clothes following the same steps as with powder detergent. This will ensure optimal results, leaving you with clothes that are wonderfully fresh and clean.

Pick Up a FREE Persil Dosing Device

Persil provides a dosing ball with every pack of liquid detergent as standard but if you’ve misplaced yours, don’t worry! Persil will send you a free dosing ball or powder scoop to use at home. This way, you can see just how much easier it is to do your laundry when you have the right equipment and know how much Persil to use in the washer. What are you waiting for?