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A pile of folded pink baby clothes, a pair of pink booties, and a dummy.

Bio or Non Bio? The Best Detergent for Baby Clothes

Unsure what detergent to use for baby clothes? Non-bio detergent is kind on skin but tough on stains. Click to learn why it’s the best baby washing detergent.

Baby clothes tend to present somewhat of a challenge when it comes to doing the laundry. Many new parents will find themselves asking the question 'what detergent should I use for baby clothes?' It can seem a daunting task trying to find a laundry detergent that’s powerful enough to remove all those classic childhood stains, such as milk and poop, while also helping to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

So what’s the solution? What is the best detergent to use for baby clothes to safely and effectively do your baby’s laundry?  

Bio or non-bio for baby clothes: what to wash newborn baby clothes with

One of the best ways to clean your baby’s clothes is to use the right kind of detergent – one that’s powerful, and yet perfect for sensitive skin. So, what is the best detergent for baby clothes? Should you use bio or non-bio for baby clothes?

Persil recommend using non-bio for baby clothes as it ticks all the boxes, meeting the needs of parents who strive to provide the best for their little ones. 

Non-bio has great cleaning power

Persil have created non-bio versions of all their best-selling detergents, such as Dual Action Capsules or small & mighty. These offer effective cleaning without the enzymes that a biological detergent contains and which may cause irritation in babies or those with sensitive skin.

Persil non-bio products can help to tackle stains so there’s no need to worry next time your baby spews their dinner back up!

Non-bio detergent is great for sensitive skin

The primary difference between bio and non-bio detergents is that the non-bio varieties are free from enzymes which are common allergens and could trigger reactions in babies and adults with sensitive skin. The lighter fragrance of Persil small & mighty non-bio is also designed to be kind on delicate skin.

Persil’s skincare research has won a stamp of approval from the British Skin Foundation so you can be assured that using Persil non-bio, with the extra help of Comfort Pure fabric conditioner (which has also been endorsed by the British Skin Foundation), will give you clean, fresh results that are gentle on delicate skin. Persil recommends washing new baby clothes in a non-bio detergent before wear to remove any toxins that may be present from the manufacturing process.

Non-bio detergents are effective even at 30 degrees

Biological detergents are popular with many families as the enzymes mean that stain removal is possible, even at lower temperatures and in quick washes. This helps them to meet their ‘green’ targets. However, if you're worried about your baby's sensitive skin then it may be a good idea to try a non-bio detergent which is gentle and still effective at 30 degrees.

Although non-bio detergents do not contain enzymes, they are still great at removing germs or bacteria that could pose a risk to baby’s health. For particularly stubborn stains, however, you may need to wash the clothes at a higher temperature when using a non-bio detergent or consider using a pre-treatment beforehand.  

So, what's the best detergent for baby clothes?

If your baby has sensitive skin, then non-bio baby washing detergents are an obvious choice. Persil’s non-biological detergents offer the perfect solutions for parents looking for brilliantly clean clothes and a mild, gentle formula that is kind on your baby's delicate skin.

By making the switch to non-bio, you may even notice some benefits for yourself; especially if you also suffer from sensitive skin or notice increased irritations during extreme weather conditions, for example. Try it today and see how non-bio detergents could benefit you and your family.