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Washing Green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Do you want to reduce greenhouse gases? Read on to find out how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimise your carbon footprint, and save energy.

Did you know that washing your clothes at 30˚C rather than 40˚C over 12 months could save enough energy to light nine rooms for a year? Now is the time to save energy and find out how to go green!

We all want change to happen and at Persil we are working hard to make significant changes to our products and packaging.

We’re boosting our products with effective plant-based stain removers, using bottles made from 50% recycled plastic that are 100% recyclable, and using a 23% higher concentrated formula with smaller bottles allowing more bottles to be transported per truck, meaning approximately 19% less trucks on the road, as part of Unilever’s Clean Future initiative to decarbonise the cleaning industry.

As part of our parent company, Unilever, we are also working to decarbonise the cleaning industry through the Clean Future initiative which aims to abandon the use of fossil fuels by 2030. We’re also helping Unilever to achieve its global goals of halving its use of virgin plastics by 2025.

However, we need everyone who uses our products to also get involved and help us to reduce greenhouse gases. In the UK, for example, consumer use (heating the water, running a washing machine, using the detergent) contributes to 87% of the greenhouse gas impact of a wash. The next biggest factor is raw materials (11.6%), followed by manufacturing (0.5%), distribution and retail (0.4%) and disposal (0.3%). But by switching to a green laundry method – washing at lower temperatures and using the correct dosage – you can cut energy use at home, too.



Even just washing at 30°C instead of 40°C could save enough energy to light nine rooms for a year, cutting carbon emissions (and your bills). Because heating water to wash clothes contributes to such a significant percentage of the greenhouse gases caused by our laundry products, we are constantly improving our detergents so you can be confident that you’ll still achieve brilliantly clean laundry in water as cool as 30°C.


To cut down on the natural resources required to make our products, we’ve also been developing products that help you use less in your wash. Since 2008, we have been compacting our liquid and powder formulation and have reduced our recommended dose per wash across these formats.

You can also help by following the guidance printed on our packs and dosing correctly. And remember, full-machine loads are more economical. For more going green laundry tips, check out this article on eco-friendly laundry.


Our Persil liquid detergent still delivers great stain removal that you know and love, but we have gone a step further by increasing the amount of effective plant-based stain removers in our formula.

Our new liquid bottles are 100% recyclable and contain recycled plastic. At the same time we are using less packaging with a higher concentrated formula that allows more bottles to be transported per truck, resulting in 19% less trucks on the road.


There are many ways you can take positive action for a better world. To find out more join the Dirt is Good Project today.