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Our Plastic Pledge

Think it's important to do your bit for the environment? We do too. That's why all of our Persil Liquid laundry detergent bottles are now 100% recyclable and made with recycled plastic, something that will affect millions of bottles each year and reduce virgin plastic use.

What's Virgin Plastic?

Virgin plastic is plastic that is being used for the first time.


What's Post Consumer Recycled Plastic?

Post consumer recycled plastic, also known as PCR, is plastic that has been recycled and then used again.


What is a plant-based stain remover?

Plant-based stain removers are active ingredients in our products that remove stains. The ingredients include surfactants, cleaning polymers & naturally derived enzymes, and are from plant-based sources such as sugar cane, molasses and corn. Even though we use plant-based, biodegradable stain removers in our Persil liquids & capsules, the cleaning power is not compromised, keeping us tough on stains. In the past, our formulations were made from 100% petrochemical-based surfactants, so using plant-based ingredients means we now have more renewable formulations, that are kinder to our planet.

Our Impact

We're chosen by nearly 8 million households across the country which means it's more important than ever that the packaging we use is helping to reduce the amount of virgin plastic in the world.

We'll be using at least 50% recycled plastic in our liquid bottles which we've estimated will reduce the amount of virgin plastic we use in a year by 1000 tonnes, equivalent to 84 double decker buses or 2 billion plastic bags!

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93% of Britons agree that plastic bottles should contain recycled plastic

Same Great Clean, New Liquid Formula and Bottle

Our Persil liquid detergent still delivers great stain removal that you know and love, but we have gone a step further by increasing the amount of effective plant-based stain removers in our formula. This helps support Unilever’s commitment to decarbonise the cleaning industry by sourcing the carbon in its cleaning and laundry product formulations from renewable or recycled sources.

Our new liquid bottles are 100% recyclable, at the same time we are using less packaging with a higher concentrated formula that allows more bottles to be transported per truck, resulting in 19% less trucks on the road. By choosing Persil liquid detergent, not only are you caring for your clothes but being kinder to our planet.

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