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Recycling box with clothes inside

Why Recycle? The Key Benefits of Recycling

Why should we recycle and why is recycling good for the environment? Discover the importance of recycling and how it positively impacts the planet, here.

If each and every person commits to recycling, we can all pull together to save the planet. By understanding the reasons for recycling, every household can play its part and contribute towards a greener way of living. In order to get to that point, it’s key to address three key questions:

  1. Why should we recycle?

  2. What are the benefits of recycling waste?

  3. How does recycling help the environment?

In this guide, you’ll get the answers to these questions and find out how we at Persil are contributing to the effort. Once you’ve learned all about the importance of recycling you can even get the whole family involved and share recycling facts with kids! 


First up, recycling is one of the main ways that we can all help create a greener planet in our everyday lives. The more people that get into good habits, the bigger the difference we can all make. So, why is recycling good? Well, let’s start by looking at the main benefits.


There are numerous advantages to recycling. Here are some of the biggest:

  • Less waste going into landfill

  • Preserving natural resources

  • Protecting wildlife

  • Helping prevent damage to ecosystems

  • Reducing pollution

  • Saving energy

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and address the question of why is recycling good for the environment.


Using the above examples and positive reasons for recycling we can look at how they help the environment in more detail:

  • Less landfill means less waste sitting underground — such waste has the potential to damage soil quality and affect natural growth.

  • The recycling process requires less energy than producing new products from raw materials. This also leads to a reduction in greenhouse emissions, which helps tackle the pressing issue of climate change.

  • Reusing means that there is less strain on natural resources, less need for mining and less deforestation. In turn that helps to reduce water, ground and air pollution.

  • Finally, and a point that links all of the above benefits of recycling is that it plays a crucial role in protecting wildlife and ecosystems. We’ve all seen the damage to fish and marine life that comes from plastic and pollution in the sea. Efficient recycling is vital for reducing that impact


We all want change to happen and at Persil, we are working hard to make significant changes to our products and packaging.

We’re boosting our products with effective plant-based stain removers, using bottles made from 50% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable.  We have developed a formula that is 23% more concentrated than before whilst giving the same great cleaning results.  A smaller dose means that our bottles are smaller which allows more bottles to be transported per truck, meaning approximately 19% fewer trucks on the road, all as part of Unilever’s Clean Future initiative to decarbonise the cleaning industry.

We can all play our part in protecting the planet, and the numerous advantages of recycling can really make a difference. Get the family involved in recycling, make it part of your everyday lives and feel good about being involved in the global effort. Have a look at these sustainable living ideas to try with the kids and get smart about plastic with these activities to challenge the whole family.