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Family running through a field

5 Sunny Day Activities for Kids

There's only one thing to do when the sun is shining: Go outside! Grab the kids & make the most of the weather with our top 5 things to do when it's sunny.

If you're looking for things to do when it’s sunny, you've come to the right place! We've got some great ideas for sunny day activities below. And since cloud-free days are fairly scarce in the UK, you might also want to check out our other articles about outdoor activities, too – we know your family will want to spend most of the day outside!  


So, even though the actual making of lollies will take place inside, they'll be nice and refreshing to eat when you're taking a break doing the other outdoor activities in this article! All you need is a lolly mould or a shallow cup and lollipop sticks.

The simplest method is to pour fruit juice of your choice into the container, place the stick in the middle, and put it in the freezer to set. Alternatively, you can fill the container with fruit yoghurt, or blended soft fruits like strawberries and bananas.

The result is guaranteed to be delicious!   


Why stop at lollies? How about taking your lunch or dinner to the park? Kids can bring their teddies or dolls too!

Of all the kids we know, this is one of their favourite things to do on sunny days. And it really doesn't need to be complicated or messy at all! Just pack a blanket to sit on, some sandwiches, cartons of juice, water, and biscuits or a dessert of your choice. Healthy snacks such as strawberries, raspberries, or veggies, like carrot or celery sticks, are also great bite-size additions to your picnic.

Remember to use the bag you packed everything in as a rubbish bin and be sure to leave nature as you found it. If any spills occur, use the water to keep stains moist until you can treat them at home later.   


These days, we are so used to snapping multiple pictures with our phones, we forget there used to be more minimalistic – and perhaps rewarding – ways of capturing precious moments.

When you head out on a sunny day, consider giving your child a disposable camera to take pictures. You could send them on a photographic scavenger hunt or even help older children put together a pinhole camera. The results of their creative work could be put in an album for your child to look at on a rainy day!

Get inspiration for your photographic adventure with our free interactive story for kids – all you need is your smartphone, and then you and your family can begin your very own messy adventure!  


All life on earth needs the sun to thrive, including plants and flowers. What better time to repot plants or do some weeding in the garden than on a beautiful sunny day!

Get your child involved by handing them a watering can, or give them their own small plot of land to plan and grow plants in during the warmer months. Be sure to choose plants that grow fast and flower quickly to keep your child's interest levels high.


If you don't have a garden at home, you can still get decorating outdoors. Chalk pavement drawings are perfect for sunny days and the great thing is that they're temporary – but there's certainly no risk of your kids’ designs instantly being erased while the sun’s still out!

Another enjoyable decorative activity is to paint stones – these can easily be varnished (with clear nail polish) and turned into board game pieces or pretty paperweights to be given away as gifts. You could also use things you find in nature to make wind chimes or mobiles to hang outside or in windows at home.

It's easy to see how any one of these activities to do on a sunny day might quickly become messy. Mud, paint, or food stains could be an unwanted result of all this fun. But with Persil small & mighty to hand, you’re equipped to tackle a variety of different stains. Check out our stain removing tips to find out why.