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A baby's legs and clothes covered in pen stains.

Stain Removal Tips

Stains mean experience, so getting them is good, but removing them quickly is even better. Get back out there feeling fresh and confident with our expert stain removal tips and tricks – from how to get grease stains out to how to get red wine stains out, we’ve got all bases covered.

Baking ingredients and utensils.
How to Remove Butter Stains from Clothes: 3 Easy Methods
Two boys' legs covered in mud and grass stains.
How to Remove Grass & Mud Stains from Clothes 
A cup and pot of tea.
How to Remove Tea Stains
Glue dripping from a tube.
How to Remove Super Glue from Clothes
A boy in a red bandana drawing white warrior stripes on his face.
How to remove sun cream stains from clothes
A man ironing a shirt with colourful towels beside him.
How to remove scorch marks from clothes its easier than you think
Red wine being poured into a glass.
How to Get Red Wine Out of Clothes
A young girl sniffing a purple flower.
How to Remove Pollen Stains
A child jumping barefoot in a muddy puddle.
How to Remove Mud Stains from Clothes
Close up of an adhesive glue stain on a table.
Getting Adhesive Off Clothes
A pot of white household paint with a dripping brush.
How to Remove Household Paint Stains
A white t-shirt with a yellowed underarm stain.
How to remove deodorant stains from clothes
Navy clothing stained with bleach.
How to remove bleach stains from clothes & prevent future stains
A bicycle wheel.
How to Remove Bicycle Grease Stains From Clothes
Little clean princess dresses hung out to dry.
How to Remove Mildew from Clothes
Permanent marker pens.
How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Clothes
Bottles of olive oil.
How to Get Oil Out of Clothes
Red nail varnish spilling out of an upended bottle.
How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes
A girl and boy getting messy painting with their hands and feet.
How to Get Paint Out of Clothes
Delicate khaki-coloured silk.
How to Clean Silk and Remove Stains
Green, blue, yellow and red t-shirts hanging on a washing line.
How to Get Dye out of Clothes
Brightly coloured candles.
How to Get Candle Wax Out of Clothes
Two happy girls playing with chewing gum.
Dirty Secrets: How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes
A plaster on a child's knee.
Dirty Secrets: How to Remove Blood Stains from Clothes