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A young girl among a crowd watching as a man performs a card trick.

Easy Card Tricks For Kids

Ah, the wonder of magic. Kids love it! While some magicians never reveal their secrets, we’ve found an easy card trick for you to create your very own magic. And you don’t have to be a mind reader to master it.

Learn the secret behind the illusion, master new tricks and enjoy the applause. Ready to amaze your friends and family?

The card colour trick: Sorting cards by colour is the secret.

  1. Separate the cards into black and red and remember which colour is on top. Do this before your performance so that your audience doesn’t see.

  2. Fan out the top few cards and ask someone in your audience to pick a card from the top - they need to memorise it.

  3. Then, fan out the bottom of the deck so that they can put their card back in.

  4. Split the deck somewhere in the middle and place the bottom half on the top to “shuffle” the cards.

  5. To magically find the chosen card, look through the deck. The colour of the one you wan,t should be the only red card mixed in between the black cards, or vice versa.

  6. Pull out the card and announce, “Is this your card?” Then take a bow and enjoy your new found stardom! 

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This kids’ card trick is simple to perform, because all it depends on is a bit of sneaky preparation. You’ll need two decks of cards to start.

  1. Prepare your deck of cards by putting the seven of spades and the eight of clubs at the top of the deck. (You can use any two cards, but be sure to take the same ones from your second deck in the next step.)

  2. Next, take the seven of spades and the eight of clubs from the second deck and put them at the bottom of the original deck, which is the one you will use for your trick.

  3. Now it’s time to start your performance. Announce that you will make the cards jump from one of the deck to the other.

  4. Show your audience the two cards at the top of the deck and ask them to remember them. Then put the cards back on top.

  5. Tap the deck twice. You could use a magic wand here, just like a real magician – magic shops and toy stores usually stock these.

  6. Show your audience the bottom two cards from the deck. The seven of spades and the eight of clubs will have “magically” jumped to the bottom of the pack!

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