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Summer Holiday Activities for Kids

Keep your little ones entertained all holiday with these fun summer activities for kids! Click here for fun summer holiday ideas your kids will love.

Hooray for the summer holidays! School’s out and the sun is shining… Well, at least some of the time! But what are you and the kids going to do with all those weeks to fill? There’s only so much reading a child can do, and maybe yours haven’t quite reached that stage yet. It’s time to get organized and think about summer activities for kids.


One of the easiest ways to get your kids engaged in summer holiday activities is to present them as a challenge or fit them into a theme. Not every day needs to be meticulously organized – it’s the holidays after all – but you’ll find the days drag less if you’ve worked out a plan at the start of the holidays. Maybe choose a theme a week and aim to do two or three activities, or give yourselves a couple of challenges to achieve by the summer’s end.

Below, we’ve tried to help you plan by gathering together some of our favourite summer holiday activities for children, based on different activity themes. We’ll be honest, there’s going to be a bit of mess involved, but with Persil small & mighty, you know we’ve got you covered when it comes to helping you get rid of stains. Now, with sunhats, sunglasses, sun cream (and maybe umbrellas) at the ready – let’s start having some summer fun!  


Even if you don’t have your own garden or balcony, why not head to the local park, or adapt these summer activities for indoors. Follow the links for helpful tips and information on the different activities.

  • Make daisy chains – take a common garden daisy, and use your fingernail to make a small hole in the stem just big enough to thread the stem of another daisy through. Keep going until you have a daisy crown or garland!

  • Grow an edible garden

  • Collect bugs

  • Climb trees. It’s important that kids have adult supervision when climbing trees, but it’s also a fun way to exercise and find out a little about nature!

  • Go camping

  • Build a den


Let’s hope there’s not too much rain this summer, but if there is, adapt these activities for your bathroom!

  • Make paper boats – there are plenty of fun, easy video tutorials for making origami paper boats online! Once you’ve made your boats, you can try floating them in the bath or sink, or even move on to other origami paper craft projects!

  • Mud painting

  • Blow bubbles

  • Conduct water experiments

  • Construct ice cube towers

  • Make rose water

  • Have water balloon or pistol battles


Summer is a great time to visit the seaside, but there’s a lot you can do at home, too:

  • Make flags for sandcastles

  • Play the Desert Island Game

  • Paint pebble paper weights

  • Create a seaside diorama: Put sand and water (or scrunched up crepe paper for an indoor version) in a large tray to make a mini-beach together. You can decorate it with shells, small boats, or any toys your kids think could use a nice holiday!

  • Make ice lollies with fruit juice: Pour juice or squash into ice cube trays and sink in little wooden lolly sticks before freezing them. In an hour or two, you should have cute mini lollies to enjoy!

  • Make a model light house

  • Play pirates


There are so many sports you and your kids can do out in the garden or park, but here are some other active ideas:

  • Obstacle courses

  • Outdoor yoga

  • Hopscotch (use pavement chalk)

  • Skipping

  • Hula hoop

  • Play Sly Fox

  • Keep a score board for big sporting events this summer.


Older children might find it more interesting to set themselves a summer challenge. Here are some ideas for activities that will take time and practice to accomplish:

  • Learning to riding a bicycle

  • Learning to swim

  • Learning to roller skate or skateboard

  • Learning a new language. You don’t necessarily have to join a class or buy any books: Your local library may have books and even tapes to help your kids pick up the basics! If you’ve not visited before, you can find out where to go from your local council website.

  • Making your own outfit: Start off with something easy, like tie dyeing a scarf, and work your way up to clothes patterns by the end of the summer!

  • Writing and illustrating a book