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Snake made out of toilet rolls

Snake Toilet Roll Craft

Make your very own wriggling snake with leftover loo rolls. Yay for recyling.  

Grab these materials…

  • 6 x Loo rolls (don't chuck them, recycle them!)
  • Paint for your snake (any colour)
  • Bobble eyes (or your can draw your own)
  • Glue
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Scissors
  • Paper fasteners
  • Red paper or ribbon

Start by…

Getting your loo rolls lined up and paint them the colour of your snake. Put them aside and wait for them to dry.

Next you…

Carefully cut the ends of each loo roll into a point. Be accurate and neat!

Person cutting an empty toilet roll into a point at both ends


Take your pens and draw the scales neatly all along your snake's body. 

Person drawing snake scales onto a toilet roll middle

After that..

Make a small hole at the tip of each point using a compass or needle. Then start building your snake by connecting each tip using paper fasteners. 

Person marking on their loo roll snake where to punch a hole using a compass
Person building a snake toilet roll craft using a compass point to make a hole
Hands holding the sections of their toilet roll snake to link them together
Person using paper fasteners to connect sections of the loo roll snake

Almost there…

Cut out a forked tongue using your red paper and draw or stick on your googley eyes. All that's left is to give your snake a name! Susan? Sammy?



Pipe cleaners are a great substitute for paper fasteners and they give extra texture to your snake. 


Official submissions for the #HOMEISGOODMOVIE have now closed but you can still get creative and share your loo roll snakes & pebble people with us by tagging @persiluk and using #HomeisGoodMovie

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