We are all about unleashing children’s potential. Our schools programme in collaboration with Future Foundations aims to inspire young people to take action for a better world. Join us and be part of the change.

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Our global project will help young people see they are not alone in caring about environmental and social issues. By uniting in compassion, everyone can have a role to play in taking action. Support young people to unleash their long-term potential to do good by registering today.



of young people are worried about the future

Global Action Plan Research, 2020.
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Parents are shielding their children from the environmental & social realities of today.

Young people are more likely to take action on issues when they believe others care too

Taking action with others can improve a child’s well-being and supports their development

I feel worried because I think the environment and nature and forests will just disappear altogether, so you’ve only got pets.

HugoAge 11UK Participant

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Unleashing the potential of young people to create a better world
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