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Bio Detergent

With its powerful formula, bio detergent is the number one laundry detergent choice for a stain-free result. Whether you choose the liquid, capsule, powder or tablet form, Persil’s biological detergents all have one thing in common – an advanced formulation of biological washing powder enzymes that is just as tough stains at cooler temperatures.

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Learn more about Persil bio’s stain-busting power! 

Persil biological detergents are a great choice if you are looking for a laundry detergent that has superior stain-removal power. This is because bio detergent contains certain enzymes that are particularly effective at breaking down fat, starches and protein found in common stains like food and sweat.

Persil’s new and improved biological formulation means that its bio detergent is just as effective at low temperatures, or on quick wash cycles. With Persil’s bio detergent, laundry is more energy efficient, which is more economical for you too!

Persil’s range of biological detergents come in a choice of liquid, capsule, powder and tablet form. All of them contain the same stain-busting enzyme formulation, but the difference is in how you use them. Pick your favourite and read the instructions on the pack to get started.

All our detergents have clear instructions on the packaging, but make sure you get the most from your choice by following these tips. Apply Persil bio liquid to tough stains as a pre-treatment and work in with the Stain Eraser Ball. You can do the same with a mixture of Persil biological washing powders and water if you prefer!

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