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Persil Wonder Wash Ultra Care Bio Liquid Detergent is our first detergent designed to excel in your shortest cycles. Say goodbye to invisible dirt and sweat as our fast-acting formula with PRO-S technology** physically removes stains & malodour compounds and refreshes your clothes in just 15 minutes. This bio washing liquid protects and restores colours, helping you keep your clothes looking fresh and vibrant for longer. A 15-minute wash cycle with Persil Wonder Wash Ultra Care Bio Liquid Detergent is a great way to save time while still getting your clothes fresh and clean. Persil Wonder Wash. Fast just got better*

*colour care vs leading Persil liquid

**PRO-S Technology is Trademarked


  • Persil’s first laundry detergent designed for your shortest cycles
  • Fast just got better*: Introducing Persil Wonder Wash Speed Clean Non Bio Liquid Detergent, recognised by the British Skin Foundation
  • Powered by fast-acting PRO-S technology**, this detergent protects and restores colours for long-lasting clothes
  • Our washing liquid detergent refreshes clothes and blasts away invisible dirt and sweat by physically removing stains and malodour compounds, even in 15-minute wash cycles
  • Use Persil Wonder Wash laundry detergent in short cycles to save time

How to use

Pour 27 ml of Persil Wonder Wash laundry liquid into your washing machine tray for standard (4–5 kg) loads and short cycles (1.5 kg) or when washing in soft/medium water. Use 40 ml for larger (6–8 kg) loads or when washing in hard water. Please refer to the garment’s fabric care label first. Wash dark colours separately. Always test the colourfastness of any new coloured clothes before pre-treating with neat liquid. Do not use on silk and wool.


  • 31W
  • 55W