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A child jumping barefoot in a muddy puddle.

How to Remove Mud Stains from Clothes

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It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring – kids love to be outside. Rainy days jumping in muddy puddles at the park can create some happy and long lasting memories for all the family, but the dirty clothes at the end of the day can be a nightmare! If you’re faced with socks, jeans, shorts, or school uniforms that are soggy and muddy, don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know to get those clothes looking clean and fresh:  


Mud Stain Removal Made Easy

If you’ve been chatting to other Mums and Dads at your child’s school, you may have heard that mud stains are difficult to get out of school uniforms, but removing mud stains from clothes – even white shirts – can be quick and easy once you know how. Just remember to always check the care labels on your garment before attempting stain removal.

The problem with mud stains is that to tackle them effectively we need to forget everything we thought we knew about doing the laundry. We’re always told to clean stains as soon as they happen for best results, but when it comes to mud, there’s no rush (which is good news for busy parents!). In fact, mud stains are actually much easier to treat when they’ve been allowed to dry, as wet mud can spread quickly.

No matter what type of clothing you’re dealing with – school shirts, muddy trouser knees, and so on – the first step towards removing mud stains should be to let the stain dry and then get rid of as much of the dirt as possible before washing. You can do this by using a spoon to lift away any big areas of soil, and a soft bristle scrubbing brush or an old, clean toothbrush to wipe away the excess. The next step will depend upon the type of material so here’s a handy guide to help you out:


  • How to Remove Mud Stains from White Clothing

Brown muddy stains can really stand out on a brilliant white school shirt, which is why it’s important to tackle that stain head on. Persil small & mighty Bio really packs a punch, and can be used as both a pre-treatment and as a laundry detergent – ideal for helping to get rid of those unsightly soil marks.

Use the Persil small & mighty Stain Eraser Ball to apply detergent directly to the stain, and gently massage the detergent into the fabric with the base of the ball – this will help it penetrate deep down into the fibres and really get to work. Allow the detergent to soak in and do its job, wash as normal following the instructions on the care label, and then dry outdoors in the sunlight for a touch of natural bleaching.  


  • How to Get Mud Stains Out of Coloured Clothing

Coloured clothing can be treated in a similar way to white clothing – with a pre-treatment that loosens the stain and helps lift the soil particles away from the fibres, and then with a cycle in the washing machine to remove any stubborn patches.

And, the good news is that if your kids have managed to pick up some grass stains as well while getting muddy, Persil small & mighty (the colour variant is perfect for keeping colours bright!) is a great choice as it can claim brilliant stain removal for grass stains in a 40 degree wash; so all you need to do is pre-treat the stains, and pop the clothes in the washing machine. Remember to check for any lingering spots before drying in the tumble dryer or on the line.  


  • Removing Mud Stains from Delicate Clothing

If you’re dealing with delicates, such as warm, woolly school jumpers, it’s best to take things gently. When you’re scraping away the dried mud, try not to dig into the fabric with the spoon, and use the spoon in an up-and-down motion rather than pulling across the fibres.

Apply a touch of methylated spirits (you can buy this at the chemist) to the stain, which can help break down the soil particles (be sure to test on an inconspicuous area first, and keep your work area well ventilated by opening the windows). Rinse and wash with Persil Non-Bio, which is great for cleaning your clothes, yet soft and gentle on your delicates. 

The next time the kids want to don their wellies and head outside into the pouring rain, say ‘Yes!’. Armed with your Persil detergent and a few clever insider secrets, you’ve got everything you need to get your kids clothes looking clean and fresh, no matter how dirty they get!  

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