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How to Remove Butter Stains from Clothes: 3 Easy Methods

Removing Butter Stains from Clothes: 3 Easy Methods | Persil

Most of us love a nice piece of toast in the morning, but it’s tricky to keep that warm, melted butter where it should be — on the bread. Knowing how to remove butter stains is certainly an important skill to have if you’re partial to a couple of slices with your morning coffee, but a butter stain can pop up at almost any time. From Saturday afternoon baking activities with the kids to getting the children’s sandwiches prepared for their school lunch, butter is a very common ingredient in the home. So, do you know how to get butter stains out of clothes?

If not, don’t panic. It’s simple to remove butter stain marks. Here are three methods to try:

Method 1: Butter stain removal with detergent

If you’re unsure how to remove butter stain marks, then this detergent method is the first technique you should try out. Why? Because it’s a method that really is so quick and easy.

  • Select a detergent. It’s a good idea to use a product that’s designed to tackle tough stains like butter and margarine, such as Persil 3in1 Capsules (bio or non-bio).

  • Wash your clothing with a Capsule (that’s all you need), and choose a slightly warmer wash than usual — about 40°C — to help melt the butter stains.

  • Always check clothing before drying it (especially if using a tumble dryer). If the butter stain is still visible, try pre-treating before washing again with Persil liquid.

Method 2: Butter stain removal with soaps

Another option for how to remove butter stains from clothes is to use regular household soaps. Butter is a grease stain, so products designed to cut through grease are ideal.

  • Select your soap. Anything especially designed for tackling greasy marks and stains can work wonders, such as hair shampoos, and even dishwashing liquids for plates.

  • Before using soaps, it’s a good idea to check the clothing care labels to ensure they’re not made from any delicate fabrics that could easily become damaged.

  • Use the soaps in the same way you’d pre-treat stains with a Persil liquid; apply a small amount and gently massage the soap into the fabric to ensure it soaks in.

Method 3: Butter stain removal with baking soda

If the clothing care labels suggest that your garments are quite fragile, don’t worry. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove butter stains from delicate clothing using baking soda:

  • Select a highly absorbent powder to use on your clothing. Baking soda works very well, although you could also use talcum powder, baby powder, or even coarse salt.

  • Blot any butter stains with a paper towel (don’t rub, you don’t want to spread the stain). You can remove butter stain marks quicker if you soak up any excess first.

  • Generously sprinkle the powder onto any butter stains and leave the clothing overnight. In the morning, shake off the powder and wash as normal in the machine.

Persil – Protecting your clothing

There’s no need to throw your favourite clothing out just because your buttery garlic bread was a little juicy one night, or because your hand slipped as you were buttering a cracker. Knowing how to get butter stains out of clothes means that you can enjoy all sorts of delicious foods and fun activities with the family without worrying about troublesome stains.