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World Environment Day Activities for Kids

World Environment Day is a great opportunity to teach kids about recycling & eco–friendly living. Discover fun activities & craft ideas here.

Every year on 5 June, people across the globe gather to celebrate World Environment Day. Established to raise environmental awareness, World Environmental Day is a great opportunity for families and individuals to spend some time focusing on how they can lead greener lives. Everyone needs to work together for a cleaner world. Here at Persil, we know we also have a responsibility to care for the environment, which is why we've committed to Our Plastics Pledge and have launched our Dirt is Good Project. We've also got lots of eco-friendly ideas and activities to help your family lead greener lives. From energy-saving tips, to recycling crafts for kids, we've got lots of interesting articles for you to check out. We're always brainstorming new ideas – if you have any you'd like to contribute, let us know in the comments box below.


Many communities organising fun activities for world environment day, but if you're looking for other ways to mark the day as a family, why not try some of the ideas below:

  • Make a Green Family Plan. Start your planning, by doing a mini-audit of your family's habits. Try answering questions like: How often do people have baths when showers could do; do you throw clothes in the wash when they could be worn again; do you leave all your appliances plugged in; has your food been imported; do you use reusable shopping bags etc. Once you have an idea of what types of things you can change, make a list of changes your family plans to make and display it in a prominent place – make sure you get the kids involved in making a fun, visual chart that’s engaging for all the family! You can always check out our tips on how to go green for ideas.

  • Local Litter Picking. Get outside in the fresh air and get down to a hands-on eco-friendly activity that'll really make a difference! Arm you and your kids with collection bags (one for general rubbish and one for recycling items), then head for your local park or green space and start picking up litter. For safety reasons, you might want to borrow or buy some grabbing sticks and make sure everyone's wearing protective gloves. Also, make sure you warn your kids away from picking up broken glass or anything sharp.

  • Recycling Field Trip. You probably already recycle your rubbish at home, but do your kids actually have any idea where the sorted items actually end up? Although you're unlikely to choose to visit a landfill site, you might be able to get a guided tour of a local recycling facility. Many artists use recycled items – is there studio that does this near you? You could also check out composting at home (see our worm farm article) or at a local allotment.

  • Appreciate nature. There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. We've got lots of ideas to give you head start. From woodland activities, to nature trails, planting a garden, or making a bird-feeder, just check out our kids’ activities pages for more.

  • Hold a Toy Exchange. This is a subtle, yet effective way of teaching your kids recycling, the value of pooling resources, and sharing. Encourage your kids to sort through their toys and put aside all those they no longer play with or have out-grown. Invite other families to do the same and then hold a swapping event at your home. Your kids will come away with new toys to play with, and they'll also have recycled the old ones!

What are you and your family doing to mark World Environment Day?