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People picking up plastic on the beach

10 Ways to Help the Environment

Sustainable living is not about being perfect, but instead making small lifestyles changes. Here are 10 easy ways to help the environment, starting right now!

If you’re wondering, “what can we do to help the environment?” it’s important to understand it’s not about doing everything perfectly, but instead trying to make as many small lifestyle changes as we can to make a little bit of difference to our own personal carbon footprint.

We’re all busy trying to figure out how to help the environment by learning about sustainable living and how to live a greener life. So, we’ve come up with a list of 10 easy ways to help the environment with changes you can make, starting right now!


If you’ve found yourself asking the question, “how can I help the environment?” we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 things to help the environment you and your family can do.

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle. One of the easiest and most well-known ways to protect the environment is the 3 Rs. Reduce, reuse and recycle what you can. Have a look at these fun activities to do with the family to get smart on plastic.

  2. Be careful what you flush. From sewers backing up, to fatbergs in pipes, to things ending up in our oceans it’s important to protect our waterways. Don’t put anything in your toilet which shouldn’t be there; such as baby wipes and sanitary products.

  3. Shop wisely. Reduce waste by shopping with a list to prevent impulse buying. Try reducing the items you buy with single-use packaging. For example, purchase loose vegetables instead of bags. Where you need items with packaging, opt for products with recyclable packaging such as Persil. We’re using bottles made from 50% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable and at least 50% recycled plastic in our liquid bottles which we've estimated will reduce the amount of virgin plastic we use in a year by 1000 tonnes, equivalent to 84 double-decker buses or 2 billion plastic bags! Read more about our plastic pledge, here. Don’t forget to take your reusable shopping bags.

  4. Reduce your water usage. Don’t forget to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, and shower instead of taking a bath. Choose more energy-efficient products which work on a low-temperature wash and shorter cycles, such as Persil Antibacterial Laundry Santitiser, which kills 99.9% viruses* and bacteria and works even at 20°. For washing at 30°, try Persil Bio.

  5. Change up the way you travel. Where you can, leave the car at home. Instead, why not walk, bike or scooter to your destination? If you are travelling longer distances, try carpooling or using public transport.

  6. Make eco-friendly household swaps. There are a few areas around your home that you can change to eco-friendly products. Switch to LED or CFL bulbs, change your toilet flush and showerhead to conserve water, and choose reusable and more sustainable household cleaning products, such as Cif ecorefill.

  7. Make eco-friendly family swaps. A few ways your family can be greener include choosing cloth nappies and breast pads, washable wipes, reusable sanitary products, and changing your family’s diet – all these can also make a real difference! Consider going veggie or vegan at least three days a week. It might help your bank balance too!

  8. Turn it off. When your TV, consoles, computers and other tech are not in use, don’t forget to turn them off. The same applies to lights when you leave the room.

  9. Grow your own. From vegetables to fruit to herbs there are plenty of products you can grow in your own home, back garden or allotment. Very handy, especially when you start reducing meat consumption!

  10. Educate. To ensure that the eco-friendly, green living movement doesn’t just become another passing phase, education is key. From the benefits of recycling to reminding your children to turn off the lights, there are many ways we can each raise the next generation to build a better world. Try getting the whole family involved in local community activities, such as community cleanups. These can be easy to find using the internet!

So, if you’re wondering how to protect the environment, you now have 10 ways to do just that! Keep this list to hand to help you and your family live more sustainably.

*Laboratory tested on Influenza H1N1, Vacciniavirus, murine coronavirus (EN14476, 10mins)