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A group of children holding sticks as they pose for a picture in the woods.

Fun indoor & outdoor activities for families

Whatever the weather, keep the whole family entertained by discovering these fun indoor and outdoor things to with kids.

Whether it’s rainy or sunny, there are plenty of wonderful indoor and outdoor games for families that can transform a boring weekend into one filled with fun and laughter.

From clever ways to get the kids to appreciate the nature that’s all around them to indoor activities that will keep the little ones entertained when the weather isn’t great, we have some fantastic ideas to get you started with these creative kids activities. And don’t worry about mess like grass or paint stains, which can happen during these fun family activities – cleaning up after a fun-filled day isn’t as difficult as you think with Persil small & mighty!  

The great benefits of activities for families

Unfortunately, busy lifestyles mean that the amount of time we get to spend together as a family is dwindling, and research shows that children today now spend twice as much time using computers and watching TV as they do playing outside. It’s time to make a change.

There are many benefits to spending time with your kids both indoors and outdoors:

  • Keeping active is a great way to keep ourselves, and our families, healthy

  • Outdoor play and outdoor games are great for helping our little ones expand their vocabulary

  • A little bit of dirt is good - it’s important for kids’ long-term health & wellbeing

  • Being outdoors enables kids to appreciate the world around them

  • Unstructured indoor activities for families encourage kids to use their imaginations. Creative activities for kids don't have to be rigidly planned

  • Messy activities, like painting, help develop essential motor skills in children

No matter what the weather is doing this weekend, why not try something new with these fun kids activities? Pop your phone in your pocket, turn the TV off, and make the most of precious time with your family. Have a look at these indoor and outdoor games for kids. 

Fun family activities to try this weekend

We know the British weather is a little unpredictable to say the least, so making family plans that allow kids to play and explore outside is often tricky. The good news is that there are plenty of indoor and outdoor family activities to choose from that are beneficial for a child’s development, so you can all have fun whatever the weather. When you're looking for things to do with kids, make the most of the changeable weather!

Here are four ideas to get you started, and if you want even more inspiration, check out the Dirt is Good website for ideas on fun outdoor activities for kids.

1. Nature walk

You could go to the beach, the park, or just to your garden. Use a bag to collect anything of interest you find – this could be seashells, small stones, or fallen leaves. See if your kids can identify anything you find along the way, like blossom petals or pinecones, and keep hold of them: you’ll need them for one of the fun indoor family activities listed below! This is a great way of combining outdoor play with indoor.

2. Bike ride

Teaching your kids to ride a bike is a rite of passage, and there’s nothing quite like a family bike ride with a picnic lunch all packed up. Just make sure they wear a helmet and don’t worry if they fall, grass stains on clothes are simple to remove. When you get home, pre-treat the stain with Persil small & mighty before washing as normal.  

3. Unstructured painting

If the weather isn’t too great, how about an afternoon where the only rule is that there are no rules? Pop a plastic sheet down on the floor, open the paints, and use your imagination to paint any sort of pictures you want – no rules, no limits. It’s amazing how creative the kids can get! Poster paint stains may look troublesome, but don’t panic – Persil can help you out.  

4. Arts & crafts

Use your sticks, stones, and leaves from your nature walk to decorate paper, card, or old kitchen roll tubes to make some incredible and unique artwork. Glue on your kid's clothes? It’s OK! PVA glue stains come out easily in the wash. Remember to provide a helping hand if your kids want to cut out their designs as scissors can be dangerous for little fingers.

Spending more time together as a family – both indoors and outside  – isn’t just good for the kids, it’s good for us parents, too! Plus, it means you’re always there to ensure your little ones are safe and happy while they’re doing crafts and activities. So whatever the weather looks like it’s going to do this weekend, these great activities will ensure the whole family has a fun-filled time and discovers the truth that Dirt is Good!

We have many great ideas of how to get your kids enjoying the great outdoors – from joining The Wild Network to experiencing nature with the Woodland Trust – so why not take a look and get inspired? It's good to have a bank of activities saved for summer holiday kids activities and beyond. Don’t forget to tell us what you and your family get up to and share your stories of indoor and outdoor family activities in a comment below!