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Close up of colourful laundry in a basket.

Fabric Care

Can you wash cashmere, and is it ok to put shoes in the washing machine? And what do all those washing instruction symbols mean? Finding the right way to care for different fabrics can be complicated – so we’ve gathered everything you need to know. From how to do a delicates wash, to which detergent is best for which fabric, find all your answers here.

Clean white duvet and pillows.
How to Wash Duvets and Quilts
A clothing label showing laundry symbols with their instructions.
Wash Care Symbols
Close up of colourful fabrics lined up together.
How to wash silk in the washing machine or by hand
A pair of muddy turquoise trainers.
How to wash shoes in the washing machine
Crisp white sheets and pillowcases on a freshly made bed.
How to Wash Pillows
A smiling woman with red rain coat.
How to Wash Gore-Tex™ Waterproofs
Wool Fabric
How to Wash a Wool Jumper
A pile of fluffy coloured towels.
How to Use Fabric Softener
Clothes hanging on a washing line.
How to Remove Mould from Fabric
A hand resting on a clean white mattress.
How to clean a mattress & remove stains
A woman in nightwear opening curtains.
Essential tips on how to wash curtains
A pair of legs wearing clean white plimsolls, sitting on the grass.
Dirty Secrets: How to Wash Trainers