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Brightly coloured wool.

Why Should I Use Fabric Conditioner?

Everybody knows that using fabric conditioner makes your clothes feel softer, more bouncy, and more comfortable to wear. Softer clothes are less harsh and scratchy on your skin which is particularly great if you have sensitive skin. Not only does fabric conditioner make your clothes softer, it also makes them smell fresher too! Look at the difference between clothes washed in fabric conditioner and those washed without – they really will be softer and more fragrant.

Here’s more on the benefits of using fabric conditioner:  

Why use fabric conditioner?

  • Fabric conditioner keeps your clothes looking newer for longer – fibres in materials like wool can tangle and bobble when washed without fabric conditioner, making them prone to wear and tear.
  • Fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibres, helping them to remain smooth and retain their natural elasticity.
  • Clothes washed in fabric conditioner are labour-saving too – smoother fibres make creases fall out more easily, making ironing a much quicker job!
  • Using fabric softener adds a lovely scent to your laundry. There are lots of fragrances to choose from, like the Comfort Intense range which offers fabric conditioners with beautiful scents such as sweet blossom combined with vanilla spice and red fruits.
  • If you or someone in your family has sensitive skin, then fabric conditioner is ideal. It helps protect sensitive skin by softening fibres in clothes that could irritate delicate skin. We recommend Comfort Pure. It’s dermatologically certified by the British Skin Foundation to be gentle on sensitive skin, including delicate baby skin.
  • When using fabric conditioner to soften clothes and help protect sensitive skin, it’s also a good idea to use a gentle non-bio laundry detergent, like Persil small & mighty Non-Bio.

Where to put fabric conditioner?

In a standard top loading washing machine, you should add the fabric conditioner to the dispenser drawer – do not add it directly to the clothes in the drum. Machines may vary, so check your washing machine’s manual for guidance on which compartment to place the fabric conditioner in. Always consult the product’s label for guidance on the dosage to use. For top loading washing machines, you’ll need to measure the correct amount of fabric conditioner, then directly pour it into the drum as it is filling with water, or down the centre of the dispenser drawer if there is one.

Again, you should not add the fabric conditioner to the top of the load as it will not disperse evenly in your wash. Front loading washing machines will automatically dispense the fabric conditioner during the rinse cycle, but with top loading machines you’ll need to make sure you add the fabric conditioner during the rinse cycle, otherwise the wash cycle will clean away most of the conditioner.  

Imagine fabric conditioner in the same way as you do hair conditioner. Most women (and some men) wouldn’t dream of washing their hair without it. So why not care for your clothes in the same way by using fabric conditioner and keep them looking their best? You can find more helpful information on using fabric conditioners at

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