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A bottle of PVA glue.

How to Get Glue Out of Clothes

Glue stains can sometimes be difficult to get out of your child’s clothes, especially after a sticky arts and crafts activity! But a little bit of messy, creative play is great fun for kids – and with these tips and tricks on how to get glue out of clothes, you should be able to remove those tricky glue stains easily.

Before you start, make sure to check the label on your stained garment to ensure your cleaning method is suitable for that particular fabric. It is also important to conduct a test on a hidden piece of material to check for any potential damage.  


How to get PVA glue out of clothes

Knowing how to remove PVA glue from clothes comes in handy – it’s easy for kids to get messy when they are making crafts or working on an art project! Here is a simple and effective method to get your families’ clothes looking fresh and clean again if they have white glue stains.
You will need:

  • Cold water
  • A sink, bowl, or basin
  • Detergent or washing up liquid
  1. First, try to remove any excess glue from the material.
  2. Then, soak your glue-stained clothing in cold water for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help to loosen the stain.
  3. If the PVA glue stain is dried or old, you can also rub a small amount of either detergent or washing up liquid into the stain,  then soak it in cold water.
  4. Next, wash as normal on a cool cycle with detergent. Do not use a hot cycle, as the heat may set the stain.
  5. If the stain is still there, then repeat the steps if necessary.


How to remove animal and fish-based glue

While PVA glue is more commonly used, sometimes you might use animal or fish-based glue – many of the glues used in wood crafts are hide, hoof, bone or fish-based. Check the label for references to animal products, such as gelatin, to be sure. The same stain removal steps apply.

  1. This type of glue usually comes out in cold water; allow it to soak for 10 – 15 minutes to loosen the stain.
  2. Then simply wash the clothing on a cool cycle with a detergent.

How to get superglue out of clothes

Superglue is more difficult to remove from clothes, but the same basic strategy can be used. Different brands use different ingredients in different concentrations, so if the following method doesn’t work, it’s worth checking the company website, or contacting them, for tips on how to remove superglue from clothes.

  1. Immediately place the garment in a basin of cold water to soak.
  2. This should loosen the glue up and eventually help the stain to soften and peel away. This may take some time, as superglue is a particularly strong adhesive.

If these tips helped you get rid of your glue stain, or if have your own advice on how to remove glue from clothes, comment and share your thoughts with us! Or why not try making something fun and crafty with glue? A nature scrapbook and a family portrait collage are great creative activities to do with kids!

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