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Young girl in pink top drawing with crayons on paper.

How to get crayon off fabric in a few steps

Budding artists have been known to make quite a mess so when faced with the choice between poster paint or crayons, most parents will happily opt for the latter as they seem the safest, least drippy choice. But what happens when your little Picasso manages to get crayon stains on their clothes – or worse – on yours? When you’re left wondering how to remove crayon stains from clothes, don’t panic. Although removing crayon from fabric can seem tricky, it’s not impossible. Follow these simple steps to improve your chances of getting rid of crayon stains.

Remember: check the garment care label before proceeding and to carry out a small patch test on an inconspicuous part of your garment first.  


The hot and cold method for melted crayon stain removal

So how do you get crayon off fabric? It’s likely that you need to remove crayon stains from clothes because a crayon has accidentally been left in a pocket and gone through the dryer. If this has happened, chances are there will be a fair bit of solid residue left on the fabric. Follow these simple steps to remove melted crayon wax from clothes.

  • To remove crayon from fabric, start by placing the garment in the freezer for an hour to harden the wax
  • With the back of a knife, gently scrape off as much crayon as possible (you may need to place the garment back in the freezer a few times if the waxy substance begins to soften)
  • Then, using a warm iron that has been set to the temperature recommended for your fabric, place a sheet of kitchen paper between the iron and the garment and press gently but firmly for a few seconds. The heat should help transfer the crayon stain from the clothing to the kitchen paper
  • Repeat as many times as needed, using a clean sheet of kitchen paper each time to ensure that you do not accidentally transfer the crayon stain onto a clean part of the garment.


Getting rid of melted crayon stains on clothes: final steps

After using the freezing and ironing technique above, most of the waxy substance should be gone. Now it’s time to treat the remaining crayon stains before putting the garment in your normal wash – just remember to follow the instructions on the label of your chosen stain removal solution or detergent and use it away from little fingers.

  • First, apply a stain removal solution to any remaining crayon stains. You only need a small amount of Persil small & mighty Bio to treat stains like this and should apply it using the Stain Eraser Ball to lift any crayon residue left on the clothing
  • Next, wash the garment on the hottest cycle appropriate for it in your washing machine. The care label should tell you what the maximum wash temperature is
  • Finally, check if the stain has been fully removed before drying. If necessary, you can repeat the above steps until all stains have been removed.


Tips for removing crayon marks on clothes

If you’re lucky enough to have caught crayon stains on clothes before washing and drying them, and there’s no melted wax, then the stain should be a lot simpler to remove.

  • Using your fingers or an old, clean toothbrush gently rub a small amount of washing-up liquid into the stain
  • Place the back of the stain on top of some kitchen paper and leave for a few minutes, so that the paper can absorb some of the stain, then rinse the garment in cool water (not hot – as this can set the stain into the fabric)
  • Next, pre-treat the stain before washing using a stain remover or a liquid laundry detergent like Persil small & mighty Bio
  • Finally, wash the clothing with some Persil small & mighty on the hottest temperature the fabric can withstand to finish the job and help remove any lingering marks
  • If a few crayon stains persist then you can pop the garment back in the washing machine before drying it. This time, you may want to try adding some chlorine bleach – if it is safe to use on the fabric in question – and wash on a hot cycle. You should wear rubber gloves and follow the instructions on the product’s label if using chlorine bleach or any other chemical.

Now you know how to remove crayon stains, you and your little ones can get back to your artistic pursuits. And don’t worry if you like to experiment with artistic materials either – we also have some handy advice on paint stain removal here.

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