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Washing powder being poured into the dispenser drawer of a washing machine.

New Powergems

Just one concentrated dose contains triple power to remove tough stains, care for your clothes and intensify freshness.


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Persil Powergems are packed with more stain removal power to help tackle stubborn stains; they contain two and a half times more cleaning agents for oil and grease based stains and eight times more fabric shielding molecules to ensure the ultimate all-round performance for your clothes**.

remove stains

**Vs. Persil bio powder per g

The unique format of Persil Powergems is free from ingredients which can leave residue on fabric. This allows the product to care deeply for your clothes, helping them to stay as good as new for longer*.  An additional caring benefit is that Persil Powergems will help to both retain the bright colours of your clothes and keep your darks dark.

persil powergems

*Vs Persil bio powders

Persil Bio Powergems uses fragrance release technology to provide an enhanced fragrance experience. This technology allows the unique and fragrant notes of Persil Powergems to remain on fabric for longer. As movement is made, bursts of the fragrance will be released to give you longer lasting freshness with every wash.

persil powergems

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