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Hygiene Tips

At Persil, we know that keeping your home and your families clothes free from uninvited germs has never been more important. That's why we've developed some top tips on how to keep your clothes hygienically clean and your mind at ease. Discover our top hygiene tips below.

What is a laundry sanitiser?

One of the ways to keep your clothes hygienically clean is to add a laundry sanitiser to your washing routine. Discover more about Persil's new laundry sanitiser that kills 99.9% viruses* and bacteria.

Hygiene Tips

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Washing with a laundry detergent alone at temperatures below 60 degrees can't kill viruses* and bacteria completely. For hygenically clean clothes every time, we reccomend adding Persil Antibacterial Laundry Santiser to your washing routine. It kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria even at low temperatures such as 20 degrees.

*laboratory tested on influenza H1N1, Vacciniavirus, Murine Coronavirus (EN14476, 10 MINS)

Often, high temperatures such as 60 degrees are reccomended to remove bacteria and viruses. However, this can cause damage to the fabric in your clothes and fade colours. As a result, to keep your clothes free from germs we reccomend using your regular laundry detergent and then using Persil Antibacterial Laundry Sanitiser. Persil Anitbacterial Sanitiser kills 99.9% viruses* and bacteria even at a quick wash and at low temperatures such as 20 degrees.

Remember, when washing garments, always check the care label first.


*laboratory tested on influenza H1N1, Vacciniavirus, Murine Coronavirus (EN14476, 10 MINS)

It can be hard to know how often to wash your clothes. Explore our article for some simple everyday tips to keep your families clothes hygienically clean as possible, to disinfect your laundry, and to help prevent germs from spreading.

Germs can easily spread around the home, especially if you or a member of your family have been ill. To help prevent the spread of illness, bedding, blankets, and any clothing (most likely pyjamas) need to be washed as soon as possible when someone is ill – ideally every day, or at least every other day. Find more about our tips on how to disinfect clothes.

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