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Close up of colourful laundry in a basket.

How to wash coloured clothes

Washing colours in the washing machine and want to keep them from fading? There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re washing dark clothes, especially black clothes.

Follow our guide to keep your dark colours and black jeans looking like new and prevent issues like fading and colour bleed in the wash.


How to wash dark clothes

When washing coloured clothes in darker tones like navy, purple and dark grey, you want to wash similar colours together, much in the same way as when you’re washing bright colours.

There are also a few things you can do to keep the darker side of your wardrobe from looking washed out:

  • Wash dark colours at a cool temperature. This helps keep the colours from fading.
  • Use a liquid detergent like Persil Colour when washing coloured clothes as you may struggle to get washing powder to dissolve properly when you’re washing clothes at a low temperature. You can also use Persil liquid as a pre-wash treatment, using the stain remover ball to treat the stains.
  • Make use of the shorter programmes on your washing machine when you put on a dark wash. The shorter the programme, the less time your clothes will spend soaking in water and detergent and the less likely they are to fade.
  • Always be extra careful when checking for any remaining stains after a dark wash as they aren’t as easy to spot as stains on lighter fabrics. You don’t want any stained clothes going into the tumble dryer as the heat will set the stains.
  • Wondering what colours to wash together? Try sorting your wash loads into colour ranges like reds with pinks, blues with purples and so on.
  • New clothes are more likely to bleed in the wash. If you’re not sure about a new garment, you can try our colour fastness test.
  • Tumble dry dark clothes on a low setting. Just like the cool wash, this will help prevent any fading.


How to wash black clothes

The best way to wash black clothes is to wash them sparingly, especially black denim. We’ve all felt the disappointment of a new pair of black jeans or a favourite black top suddenly looking faded and dull after only a few washes. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your black clothes both clean and beautifully dark.

  • Turn black clothes (especially jeans) inside out before washing them and keep them that way while they’re drying
  • Always wash black clothes on a cold wash – 30°C will do just fine
  • Use a good liquid laundry detergent for coloured clothing, like Persil Colour. Make sure you use the right dosage as too much detergent can give you some very visible streak marks on your dark clothes
  • Try to do a full black wash if you can to avoid any colour bleeding disasters.
  • Wash black clothes on as short a cycle as possible. The agitation of a wash can make black denim fade, so a short cycle is best
  • Dry black clothes in your laundry room or similar rather than on a clothes line outside, as the sunlight may fade your clothes

Now you know how to wash colours from the darker colour spectrum, there’s no stopping you from rocking those black jeans or your favourite navy shirt!

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