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A child securing laundry on a rack using a peg.

Natural Drying

Tumble dryers have made it much easier to dry large items such as duvet covers and towels, but when it comes to clothes, it’s often better to keep it natural. There are different ways of drying clothes, so make sure you establish what fabric a garment is made from before you decide on what method you’re using. Drying wool jumpers, for example, will need a different approach from drying your hand washed bra. Not sure what to do? We’re here to tell you all you need to know.

Ever wonder what all those symbols on your clothes’ care labels mean? We already told you what they mean in this article, but here, we’d like to pay a bit more attention to the various natural ways of drying clothes. When do you best hang up your washing, and when is it recommended to flat dry a garment? Let’s take a look.


Dry flat Dry flat

When a care label tells you to lay a garment flat to dry, it means that you should lay it out on a flat surface such as a drying rack or work surface instead of hanging it up. Usually the case with knitted jumpers, this method avoids the weight of the material – which gets very heavy when wet – from sinking to the bottom, causing the jumper to stretch. As a rule of thumb, flat drying is recommended for garments which are easily distorted by vertical drying.


Hang / line dry Hang / Line dry

Garments not suitable for the tumble dryer can generally go on a washing line or hanger. Dry shirts, jackets and other pieces of clothing that need to stay in shape on a hanger, and use clothespins to line dry all your other washing without creating creases. Line drying is particularly common when it comes to drying cotton clothes.


Drip dry Drip dry

Clothing suitable for drip drying is usually synthetic in nature, and can easily be hung up when still dripping wet. Other than most fabrics, drip dry clothing typically dries without wrinkling and therefore doesn’t need to be ironed.

And that’s it. Next time you’re wondering how to keep your clean washing from wrinkling, just have a look at the care label and let us tell you what it means. Looking for more tips for drying clothes? In this article we tell you all about drying different types of fabric, and for all our general washing advice, just have a look at our very comprehensive washing guide.

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