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What Dosage of Washing Detergent You Should Use

Water Hardness

Here at Persil we do our best to make your laundry process as smooth as possible. From our stain removal tips to our dedicated dosing guide: you name it, we answer. You can count on or expert advice to solve most of your washing problems, but there will always be those circumstances that require a slightly different approach.

Water hardness, for example, directly affects the cleaning result of your washing. As hard water causes laundry detergent not to foam as well when it’s binding with the natural minerals in hard water, the amount of laundry detergent you should use when doing your laundry strongly depends on the water hardness in your area.

Hard water laundry tips

Knowing if you live in a hard, medium or soft water area can therefore help you to fix any laundry problems you might have. Not sure what to look for? Just have a look at the symptoms listed below, or contact your water supply company: they will be able to tell you what the water hardness in your area is.

There are plenty of symptoms that can give you an indication of the water hardness in your area. Some of the most common tell tale signs of hard water are:

  • A ring has formed around the inside of your bath tub
  • Soaps and shampoos do not lather easily, and more is needed to achieve the same effect
  • Taps and drains around the house show signs of white deposit
  • Fabrics feel stiff, and not fluffy, when they come out of the wash
  • Are you in doubt? Don’t hesitate to contact your local water authority or supplier, they will be able to tell you what the water hardness in your area is and what you can do about it

What is the best laundry detergent for hard water?

When washing clothes with hard water, rather than using a detergent specially for hard water, you’ll a higher dose of your chosen powder or liquid detergent. This way you’ll be able to maintain the same cleaning performance and avoid the build-up of dirt and hard water deposits in your machine!

Want to know more about hard water? Cleanipedia tells you all about how to remove it from taps or showers in this article. Curious to find out what laundry detergent fits you and your family best? Then have a look at our guide on choosing a detergent. For general washing advice, our washing guide will help you out.

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