dirt is good

Four reasons for messy play

By touching, feeling, seeing and hearing the real world around them, and by learning through trial and error, kids learn lessons and acquire skills that are impossible to get from a textbook or in front of a television screen. Use play to encourage normal child development and see the results for yourself.

Children that are getting dirty are active children, which is great news for their physical health. Experts recommend that children should get at least one hour of physical activity every day. Help your little one be an active child and set them up for a healthy lifestyle.

Active children are more likely to talk to other kids, invent new games together and bond over their shared fun and exciting environment. These interactions are brilliant for developing their social skills and building their confidence around different people. 

Kids covered in mud stains with dirty clothes are kids that have experienced life through real play. Mess is a sign of creativity so leave any worries about your kids' laundry to one side and focus on encouraging their imagination. Persil can help clean things up afterwards. 

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